Gunthart & Finlay Foods Exclusive Partnership

On the 5th May 2019, Patrick Gracey, Kirsty Banks and Thomas Babb travelled across to visit the Gunthart & Co. KG manufacturing site in Hochrhein, a beautiful area of Germany situated in proximity to the Rhine and the Black Forest.

(L-R) Tom Babb, Patrick Gracey, Kirsty Banks, Tia Savolainen, Carsten Schulte

The purpose of this visit was to investigate the opportunity to further develop the trading relationship and better understand the capability of Gunthart.  This was a follow on to Gunthart’s visit to Finlay’s in December 2018, when Tia Savolainen (Key Account Industrial & Special Customer International) visited our site and went into trade to get a better understanding of customer requirements for new and exciting edible cake decorations.

Patrick Gracey said “We were extremely impressed with the manufacturing process both from the quality perspective and capability. We have been seeking to broaden our range of decorations to add flexibility, personalisation and a higher quality range to our existing extensive portfolio. Gunthart certainly showed us that they could deliver in all these areas with innovation, service and quality.”

Carsten Schulte and Patrick Gracey

Time was of course found to savour the local food and drink under the direction of Mr Carsten Schulte (Sales Director) and Tia, who could not have been more welcoming and facilitating throughout our visit.  The 3 day trip was successful and cumulated in an exclusive agreement and partnership between Gunthart and Finlay Foods for the UK and Ireland.  We are delighted to work in partnership with Gunthart, to deliver both bespoke and off the shelf decorations to our bakery customers.  Sales have been extremely successful with both seasonal items and bespoke product created for customers and indeed our year 1 targets are already achieved.

We look forward to further success with our new partner and continuing to meet the needs of our customers for quality and innovation in edible decoration.

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