About Finlay Foods

Finlay Foods – Quality Ingredients for the Food Industry

Our organisation, James A. S Finlay Limited, was founded in 1976 by James Finlay and has grown to be a leading name in the Irish bakery trade, presently employing over 60 people at its purpose built site at Maghaberry that was constructed in 1996, with a major expansion completed in 2000.

Fresh Production and Dry Manufacturing

The business was founded on the production of fresh ‘ready to use’ fruit pie fillings, which has developed over the years to incorporate fruit toppings, cheesecake toppings, fruit sauces and sweet mince.

The dried manufacturing process followed, which incorporated the production of lemon pie fillings, coconut macaroon, custards and also a comprehensive range of neutral, flavoured and vegetarian jelly crystals.

CSM Bakery Ingredients Distributor

In the early 1970’s the company developed into the business of wholesale trading as we became the Distributer for CSM (BakeMark) (ArkadyCraigmillar), one of the leading brands in the bakery ingredients sector. This gave us access to a varied range of bakery ingredients, from margarines, cake & bread mixes, to improvers and concentrates, allowing us to further meet the demands of the bakery trade in the North and South of Ireland.

Vermicelli / Sprinkles Production

In July 2000, we moved into the confectionery market with the procurement of a vermicelli / sugar strand plant and are now one of the leading manufacturers of these products in the UK. We manufacture chocolate vermicelli and sugar strands, supplying them in variety of colours to suit customers’ individual requirements. Our specialized manufacturing and polishing process prevents ‘colour leeching’ and ensures perfect presentation of the finished product.


In 2004 we became the distribution partner for Belgosuc, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Fondant, Invert Sugars, Glucose, Organic Syrups and Sugars.

Jam Production

In 2010, we moved into the Jam and Spread manufacturing market, quickly growing from servicing standard bucket jam requirements in the Artisan bakery trade to manufacturing bulk jams and bespoke product for industrial users.

Zeelandia Distributor

In 2013 Finlay Foods became the Irish Partner for Zeelandia, opening up opportunities in both European style bakery premixes and concentrates, but predominately developing expertise in release agents and divider oils, to meet customer expectations for unique product.

Finlay’s has an extensive and varied customer base.  From the small local home bakers, high-street and retail bakeries, to the large scale industrial bakeries.

In addition we also service customers outside the industry, with a customer base which extends into the wholesale trade, Foodservice, Food processors, confectioners and ice-cream Distributors.

The business has grown over the years, and with it our geographic boundaries have stretched outside of Northern Ireland with strong market presence in Southern Ireland and distribution of manufactured products into the UK market, Europe and as far afield as the Middle East and India.

We constantly strive to find new markets, new partnerships and new products to meet the expectation of changing customer requirements.

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