Belgosuc Boost for Honeybees

Of all the world’s creatures, the honeybee is one of the most resourceful. Honeybees gather their raw materials for life from far and wide and build a society that is remarkably effective as a production line of honey.

Bees need a varied and complex diet. They collect pollen and nectar, which provide an incredibly rich set of nutritional components. They receive carbohydrates from the nectar they collect and the honey they subsequently make. They receive protein from pollen.

Finlay Foods are delighted to be a supplier of the Belgosuc beefeed products Fondabee and Invertbee, which are ideal alternatives to the natural food sources above.  Both are not only excellent for the bees, but in addition the products do not require any extra preparation by the beekeeper.

Information on both products can be downloaded here and please contact us if you need any further details.